BS-SZ 220V/110VAC Gate Opener


Automatic boom gate

Product Details

Product Features

  • BS-SZ Series openers meet the highest safety standards in this industry.
  • Operating smoothly, heavy-duty working.
  • Built-in control board, with Counter for precise limits. Delay Automatic Closing is adjustable.
  • Quickly release the Gear Lock with a Key.
  • Optional WIFI/GPRS Module can be accessible tolOT.

Product Detail

  • Model No.:BS-SZ / BS-SZB / BS-SZDC
  • Motor Power:500W/220V 500W/220V 350W/36V
  • Max weight of gate:3000KG / 3000KG / 2000KG
  • Max length of gate:20M
  • Working temperature:-35℃-70℃
  • Protection class:IP55




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