BS-PK05 Swing Gate Opener Hot


Automatic boom gate

Product Details

Product Features

  • Stop when block during open the gate,
  • return when block during close the gate.
  • Automatic close can be set after open.
  • Can connect external 24V battery, normal work when power off.
  • Single gate or double gate are optional.

Product Detail

  • Output Power ofmotor:24VDC 60W
  • Rotational speed:1500RPM
  • Rod's running speed:1.6cm/s
  • Rod's max travel:300 / 400 / 500mm
  • Max leaf length:3mX2
  • Max single-leaf weight:300Kg
  • Environment Temperature range:-20C~55C
  • Protection class:IP54
  • Continual run time:5min



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