BS-PK28 Swing gate opener


Automatic boom gate

Product Details

Product Features

  • 24V DC voltage drive, more safe and reliable;
  • DC brushless motor, hull element, accurate limit, working stable, long life time at 2 million cycle;
  • Self design gearbox, stable structure, low running sound;
  • Safe to use, it has the reverse function: return the gate when gate is blocked during closing, stop the gate when gate is blocked during opening;
  • Running speed is adjustable, one button auto learning open and close limit;Soft start and soft stop;
  • Auto-close function is available;
  • Equipped with push and pull rods, flexible selection according to site conditions;
  • Excellent synchronous operating performance when double openers installed;
  • Photocell、radar、access control system(face recognition, card reader, fingerprint identifier) and other sensing devices can be connected externally;
  • With fire alarm linkage connection.

Product Detail

  • Power of motor:24VDC/40W
  • Max gate weight:120Kgs
  • Rotational speed:1800RPM
  • Open/close time:3-10S(adjustable)
  • Maximum opening angle:120°
  • Working environment:-20℃~50℃
  • Maximum door width:1200mm




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