BS-PK03 Swing Gate Opener Hot


Automatic boom gate

Product Details

Product Features

  • SAFE: BS-PK Swing Gate Opener meets the highest standards in safety
  • RELIABLE: Electro-mechanical automated gate opener is time-tested design.
  • CONVENIENT: Quick,safe and secure Manual Release---A release key that can be used should the power fail or the backup battery is not charged.

Product Detail

  • Motor power:12V DC /24V DC    40W x 2
  • Current:2A
  • Rotational speed:3200 rpm
  • Rod's running speed:1.6 cm/s
  • Rod's max travel:300 / 400mm
  • Max single-leaf length:up to 3/4 m
  • Max single-leaf weight:300kg
  • Gate Materials:Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, 
  • Chain Link, and more
  • Environment temperature:-10~50℃
  • Protection class:IP55
  • Cycles per Hour:Continuous Duty, approximately 75



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